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b. 1963, works and lives in Shanghai
single-channel video
22 minutes 50 seconds
Edition of 5

1. Project plan

a. Take a photo of a bookshelf (with color)

Rub out the detailed information (including color, text, etc.) step by step with software like Photoshop, flash, until only the bookshelf and the shape and concept of the book remain. The final appearance of the image is black and white.

b. Present this process with Digital Video: in a seemingly still image, every detail slips from the image quietly with the passage of time.

2. Scene and equipment require

a. In a space without light, project the bookshelf onto a white wall in 1:1 proportion (width: 2.82m); paint the left, right and top sides of the wall black, just beyond the projected area.

b. a projection machine (400 lumens)

SHI Yong
March.2008, Shanghai

Detail pictures:

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