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b. 1974, works and lives in Beijing

Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas
code: OYC_5257

I collected the oil paint that dried after my using. Then, made this collage with these dried oil paint. It's very thick. All these bumps are wasted oil paint.  

There are some words on the painting——"Oulala feilala diladila feilala! Oulala feilala oulalibiefeilala!" which I also used in “My Story". These are the meaningless ravings that I always talked to myself when I was bored in my young age.

It can be thought of as an exhaust fan —— imagine that I'd have worked so energetically that the air is saturated with oil paint. Then all this oil paint is collected by the exhaust fan. And as a result, the exhaust fan turned into that look.

It can also be thought of as a painting machine inside my heart. You can regard those ravings as a power source that actuates this painting machine, as I also painted one or two pictures about painting machine that both had defined the energy source of them except this picture —— so these ravings could be that energy source of this machine.  

by OUYANG Chun

Detail pictures:

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