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b. 1977, works and lives in Shanghai
multi-channel video
10 Channels|Surveillance video
13 minutes 36 seconds
Edition of 4 + 1AP

Entitled "Don't Go So Fast," the current exhibition presents a cycle of photographic and video works set in the mud cave-homes of Shaanxi province, one of China's poorest provinces. These images depict a group of attractive young professionals, wearing the signature name-brand uniform of the urban upwardly mobile, as they inhabit the signature ramshackle spaces of China's far interior. Despite their incongruous surroundings, Zhang's subjects carry themselves as if they had never left Shanghai's Xujiahui or Beijing's CBD, frenetically pacing in and out of humble homes as if these buildings were the gleaming office towers of the coastal cities. … "Don't Go So Fast" weaves images still and moving into an extended reflection on the disparities of China's development and the technologies of control which make that development possible. —— Philip Tinari, 2009

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