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Undisclosed Territory #12
Project Pacitan, Indonesia
Date: 11.08, 2020 - 11.11, 2020

Artists: Melati SURYODARMO 麦拉蒂·苏若道默 | 

Pilgrim (Nature Pilgrimage) is a program designed to provide space and time to participants which aims to restore our awareness on the presence of body and soul through self-approach to natural environment. By doing physical and mental activities, participants are invited to implement several trainings that focus on the dialogue between the body and nature. The dialogue is carried out through various explorations by individuals and groups and takes place in the open environment. Doing these activities, the body is brought closer to the power of the universe and its most essential being. The human body that is accustomed to a structured lifestyle and culture is confronted with basic natural conditions but provides enormous power.

Taking experience from the natural pilgrimage methods that I do over a certain period of time, I invite fellow young artists with dance and fine arts backgrounds to make a natural pilgrimage together for four consecutive days in Sambi Sendang Village, Donorojo, Pacitan.

Some of the natural pilgrimage methods that we do include meditation, Vipassana, breathing exercises, Tai Chi, free movement exercises, soaking in water, and walking uphill.

All participants are also invited to discuss about their experiences and what things which spontaneously arise in their minds and feelings after doing a nature pilgrimage.

As for artists whose works in the field of artistic creation, which prioritizes the body as the main medium, going on a natural pilgrimage can help to refresh ideas or come up with creative ideas that are very personal and spontaneous. In addition, dialogue with the nature can activate awareness of the balance of life and reflection on what has been passed.

From the unveiling and sharing of experiences, participants are invited to perform performance actions according to their respective perceptions. Action performances carried out in the open landscape as a specific site.

Learning from the belief that the nature is capable of giving and receiving energy to and from humans, Pilgrim offers a way for art creators who want to restore themselves through dialogue with nature.

Undisclosed Territory is a performance arts program that I have initiated since 2007. Undisclosed Territory #12, which was supposed to be held this year, but due to the pandemic, had to be shifted to a simpler program. Pilgrim is a special program as a replacement from Undisclosed Territory #12.

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