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Undisclosed Territory #6
Project Padepokan Lemah Putih, Solo, Indonesia
Date: 08.30, 2012 - 08.31, 2012

Artists: Melati SURYODARMO 麦拉蒂·苏若道默 | 

Revisiting the personal body
Since several decades, it has been widely discussed among practitioners of performance art as well as their observers, about how our bodies function as the main medium in the work of performance art. Assuming that the body can not only defined as physical manifestation, there researches related to questions on anything that can be opened, traced, disassembled and examined from the human body.

I am referring to the meaning of body in Indonesian language. It has a deeper meaning than just its meaning of the physical body, it contains other non physical aspects included the cultural and historical relations and influences.

In our everyday life we collect and filter our events through our dayly life actions time by time. Through the physical sensors, our the actions are digested in our memory capacity and subsequently becomes a sign. Those are probably signs  which can influence our behavior  or actions performed in another time perspective and different events. Considering that the ability to receive and process their environments, each human being are very different. The human body in its own space and in its social environment with different conditions become the main individual resource and unique.

Historically, performance art has been using the body as a non-objective material. The body is enabled to represent the thoughts, concepts and events without a made-up sophistication. Performance artists perform actions by using the body as a unified constellation, between the concepts, actions, space and time and contain the rules of subjectivity.

The bodies appears from their personal scopes of the private and individual lives. Those private spaces become a boundless area when the owners enter spaces which have not been revealed. The unexpected or hidden spaces give a tremendous potential to be processed and associated with current space and time.

In our private spaces, the relations between our bodies to other aspects of our lives, such as social, cultural, economic, biological, political, spirituality much more likely to be found and rediscovered.

I would like to invite performance art practitioners whose work bring us back to our bodies as a source to trace actual ideas, by observing and researching the history of the private spaces.

In the hope that the “undisclosed territory # 6” 2012, will be an activity that will continue to grow and evolve with the intensity of research and its realization in the form of performance art and dialogue between artists and the public.

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