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b. 1957, works and lives in Shanghai

This is how Input and Output works: I set the computer programmes and myself as the two opposites, which means all the works are created by both the programmes as well as myself. I input the image that I want to present into the computer programmes first (which I designed and wrote). And what is output later will become the source of my painting. In other words, I present the output of computer programmes by painting it. (And the practice, painting, does not simply mean to paint what I see. The process is a kind of re-creation, the initiative is kept in my own hands.) Afterwards, I input what I have painted into the computer programmes again, and it is the source of my next painting. It was to generate a forward way of visual prospect by integrating the anti-entropy from the inside body and the digitalised intellectual increase of entropy. After practising for one year and a half, I get more confident. Every time when I input and output, the two opposites –programmes and bodies transform the image from each other. That is where I find the “true innovation possibility”, which I actually did not expect at first.

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