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b. 1972, works and lives in Beijing
Aluminum casting, copper, beech, glass, rubber wafer and oriented strandboard base
313(H)*300*204cm | "Male giant"  | "Female giant"  | Base
Edition of 1 + 1AP

"W&H Were Hit by Lightning" show the wild reveries of the giant. The thunder that do not actually happen on site are summoned here in a form of fantasy, exerting a powerful sensory stimulation on the audience on a spiritual level.

“W&H Were Hit by Lightning" uses a variety of materials such as cast aluminum, copper, beech and glass, also presented in pairs. Two huge busts stand on the round table; the metal spikes that extend from the "heads" make them natural lightning conductors, as if lightning from the sky was the only way to light them up. The W and H in the title of the work come from the Chinese initials of "King (Wang)" and "Queen (Hou)" and at the same time accidentally match those of “Husband & Wife” in English. It gives the audience the chance to further wonder about the relationship between the two "protagonists" in this work.

Detail pictures:

Installation view

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