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b. 1990, works and lives in Hangzhou
single-channel animation
4 minutes 30 seconds
Edition of 6 + 2AP

When we mention fire, it seems we always associate it with scorching heat, blazing flames, and uncontrollable force. However, in Liu Yi's ink animation "Fire," fire is endowed with deeper meanings and symbolic significance.
In this ink animation, the form and lines of the flames present highly dynamic characteristics, as if they are spreading, twisting, and dancing. Such composition no longer simply depicts the physical phenomenon of fire but signifies the inner impulses and emotions of humanity. Through vibrant imagery, the artist expresses the essence of fire and its connection to human nature.
Fire is a contradictory existence; it can illuminate human life while also capable of destroying everything. In "Fire," the artist establishes a link between the energy of fire and the inner impulses of humans. The fiery heat and energy represent people's passion and desires, which, while inspiring creativity, can also push them to the brink of danger and destruction.
The unique features of ink art are aptly displayed in this work. The richness of ink and deep tones allow the audience to sense a constantly changing vitality and energy, evoking the imagery of flames leaping in the darkness. Simultaneously, the qualities of ink enhance the connection between fire and human nature by emphasizing the unity of form and inner spirit.
In this artwork, artist Liu Yi explores the depths of human emotions and desires, and their association with fire. The ever-changing forms of flames in the piece reflect the tumultuous and chaotic inner world. It offers viewers an opportunity to introspect their own inner world and contemplate how emotions and impulses influence human behavior, prompting profound reflections on the complexity of the human psyche and human nature. The artwork exudes both fiery energy and provokes thought-provoking philosophical reflections, allowing the audience to gain a deeper understanding of their emotions and inner world while appreciating the ink masterpiece.

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