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10 YEARS , ShanghART at West Bund 2015-2024
Project ShanghART, Shanghai
Date: 06.01, 2024 - 06.10, 2024

Artists: Apichatpong Weerasethakul 阿彼察邦·韦拉斯哈古 |  BIRDHEAD 鸟头 |  CHEN Wei 陈维 |  CHEN Xiaoyun 陈晓云 |  DING Yi 丁乙 |  GENG Jianyi 耿建翌 |  The Grand Voyage (Guo Xi, ZHANG Jianling) 大航海 (郭熙,张健伶) |  HAN Feng 韩锋 |  HU Jieming 胡介鸣 |  Huang Kui 黄奎 |  HU Liu 胡柳 |  HAN Mengyun 韩梦云 |  HE Wei 何伟 |  JI Wenyu & ZHU Weibing 计文于-朱卫兵 |  JIANG Pengyi 蒋鹏奕 |  LIN Aojie 林奥劼 |  Lynn Hershman Leeson 林恩·赫舍曼·利森 |  LU Lei 陆垒 |  LI Shan 李山 |  LIANG Shaoji 梁绍基 |  LIU Weijian 刘唯艰 |  LIANG Yue 梁玥 |  LIU Yue 刘月 |  LIU Yi 刘毅 |  Michael DEAN 迈克尔·迪恩 |  Melati SURYODARMO 麦拉蒂·苏若道默 |  OUYANG Chun 欧阳春 |  PU Jie 浦捷 |  SU Chang 苏畅 |  SHEN Fan 申凡 |  SHAO Yi 邵一 |  SHI Qing 石青 |  SUN Xun 孙逊 |  SHI Yong 施勇 |  TANG Guo 汤国 |  TANG Maohong 唐茂宏 |  WU Yiming 邬一名 |  WANG Youshen 王友身 |  XIANG Liqing 向利庆 |  XU ZHEN® 徐震® |  YAN Bing 闫冰 |  YANG Fudong 杨福东 |  YAO Qingmei 姚清妹 |  YU Youhan 余友涵 |  YANG Zhenzhong 杨振中 |  ZHANG Ding 张鼎 |  ZHANG Enli 张恩利 |  ZENG Fanzhi 曾梵志 |  ZHU Jia 朱加 |  ZHANG Qing 章清 |  Robert ZHAO Renhui 赵仁辉 |  ZHOU Tiehai 周铁海 |  ZHAO Yang 赵洋 | 

ShanghART Gallery is delighted to announce the opening of the special project "10 Years - ShanghART West Bund 2015-2024" on 1 June at ShanghART West Bund Bldg 8. Space. The project features more than 60 works by 53 artists, spanning the mediums of painting, photography, sculpture, installation, and video, which are selected from each of the exhibitions and projects that have taken place in ShanghART West Bund space over the past decade since its opening in 2015, as "physical evidence" to "witness" the history of the space. Moreover, the project encompasses a chronology of nearly 100 major exhibitions held at the West Bund space and elsewhere around the globe in which ShanghART artists have participated over the past decade. It also includes more than 40 volumes of related publications and representative visual materials.

In the satellite space Bldg 8, which was once used as an exhibition space and screening room, and later converted into an art warehouse, the gallery has refined and renewed itself in the name of "10 Years". The project marks the final chapter of ShanghART's journey at the West Bund and heralds the beginning of the next "10 Years".

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