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b. 1945, works and lives in Tiantai, Zhejiang Province

Single-channel video
video, acrylic mirror, sandpaper (grinding wheel)
29 minutes 59 seconds
Edition of 10

The basic structure of a fabric is the crosswise weaving, but the structure of the natural silk is much more complicated. If you watch closely, you will find that the trajectory of silkworm spinning is like an "8", which repeats and spreads continuously. This "8" is not only a code for the life weaving of silkworm, it also resembles the symbol of "∞", which symbolizes infinity.

The video part of the work shows the trajectory of "8" when the silkworm is spinning, and the audience is welcome to interact with the silkworm and experience it by using the sandpaper (grinding wheel) to draw the "8" on the mirror together.

Detail pictures:

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