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Liang Shaoji: A Silky Entanglement
Solo Exhibition Power Station of Art, Shanghai
Date: 09.28, 2021 - 03.20, 2022

Artists: LIANG Shaoji 梁绍基

Curator: Hou Hanru
Location: Power Station of Art, Shanghai
Opening: September 28, 2021
Duration: September 29, 2021 to  March 20, 2022

As the largest solo exhibition of Liang Shaoji to date, the exhibition presents a retrospective of his arduous exploration at the boundaries of science and art, including sculpture, installation, new media and performance, with silkworm as the medium, time and life as the core. The exhibition shows "Nature Series" works which have the creative process for more than 30 years. Not just the presentation of masterpieces and the scene of the artist's studio, there are also a vast amount of new works which specially create for the exhibition will show. The work "Chains", "The Temple" are re-created according to the theme and the space of Power Station of Art. New works such as "Cloud Kiln", "White Light", "Skin", "The Light of Darkness", "Get Square into a Circle, Get Circle into a Square", "Gene Music" will create an interactive space in the exhibition where audiences can experience and participate.

The theme "A Silky Entanglement" is the result of discovering and accumulating new potentials in the process of returning to the original inspiration of the "Nature Series" in recent solo exhibitions such as "Back to the Origin", "Cloud above Cloud" and "As If". The theme also comes from the "philosophy of silkworms" which the artist has been continualy exploring for thirty years. The artist pays attention to individual life experience and art experiments, gets to read silkworms, to know silkworms, and to dream about silkworms, and regards silk as the materialization of life and time after the revealing of "existence and beings". Different from previous exhibitions and practices, Liang Shaoji is more and more aware of the rich content of the "nature": primitiveness, humanity, scientificness, experimentalness, historicalness, socialness, futureness, divinity, the abstraction of artistic language and the meticulousness of philosophizing. All in the emptiness of the white light and the program vibration of the genetic transmutation code. Therefore, the exhibition becomes a commensal, growing and differance "bed" among art, science and philosophy. A moth flutters its wings and breaks out of the cocoon, running to the other shore of "Poetry" (Silk).

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