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b. 1980, works and lives in Shanghai
Old pine, old floors, vases, water, chairs, carpets, taihu stone, pebbles, foam, snow powder, plastic bags

A Game of Unclear Directions is a large stage raised at more than a meter above the floor, composed of four main settings: a stuffed peacock, a Zen-style rock, a fountain made of a vase and foams; a carpet featuring a symbol; a boat with chairs sunken in the wooden floor; a snowy slope with half of a body at its bottom. All these objects extracted from reality are combined together into a decor that possesses an unusual, awe-inspiring beauty.

It isn’t merely a scene but also an ‘observing’ and ‘being observed’ experience. It constitutes a mysterious playground where time and space repeat themselves in a cycle as does the water of the fountain or as symbolized on the carpet. Viewers are invited to create their own dreams and stories: in this background designed by the artist, they are the improvised actors of an unclear play.

Game of Unclear Directions was shown for the first time on September 10th, 2009 in “Bourgeoisified Proletariat – Songjiang Contemporary Art Exhibition”.

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