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b. 1957, works and lives in Shanghai
Multi-channel video
Projections, Motor, Mechanical Driving Device, Sensor, Fiberglass, Aluminium
Kinetic Video Installation
Edition of 3 + 1AP

Tai Chi is a mixed media work which combines images with mechanical driving device. The installation of the work is a 'creature'. This creature-like device is made up of more than 220 human bones, which are enlarged to the scale. It is free to walk slowly within the exhibition hall under an automatic control system. Sensors, which detect specific points in the space, control the trajectories of the installation. 108 projectors projecting images from the past and present are installed inside the bones of the 'creature'. These images are processed and changed subjectively, just like historic materials which have entered our memories. After 'being filtered', these images are played back from the bones, and form a narrative relationship with the unusually slow movement of the latter. A particular realm is generated in the space.  

The starting point of Tai Chi concerns to what extent the reality existing in memories and the actual reality are related to each other. Through memories, we can easily deal with the reality in the form of political allegory and enter a particular ideological narrative system. From the perspective of using and presenting materials, how to transform the external gravity of the work into boundless imagination more effectively is Tai Chi's base of experiment. For the audiences, the large-volume work is powerful enough. This large quantity of hypostatic and virtual image fragments interacted and resulted in an integrated sense, which is the most straightforward context from Tai Chi. Given this situation, will we become the objects produced by Tai Chi, as we have already been affected by the power of it?

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