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b. 1957, works and lives in Shanghai
2012 ~ 2013
multi-channel video
LED/LCD screens, LED lights, glass-frame cabinets
120(H)*140*60cm (x 5 pieces) | Cabinet 80*128*49cm (x 5 pieces) | Pedestal 40*140*60cm (x 5 pieces) | 8 inch screen  (x 18 pieces) | 10 inch screen  (x 28 pieces) | 15 inch screen  (x 7 pieces)

The Black Box Lab project took place in a shipping container where was no light inside, performers and participants enacted their works, interacting with the audience to put on live performances, exploring the possibilities of perception in an abnormal environment. What happened in the black box were taken by IR camera installed inside and uploaded to website, which formed 2 scenes of the same performance-the invisible but actual one in the box, and the visible one broadcast on the screen which were filed to be The Black Box Lab Archive. The first performance of The Black Box Lab launched at the opening of The Futures Holidays, TOP M50, Shanghai (2011), after which more experimental performances came up in Himalayas Art Museum, Shanghai (2011), 2012 Shanghai Biennale.

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