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b. 1963, works and lives in Shanghai
Audio Installation, Coloured Fiberglass statue; fabric, button and other textile materials; transparent fluorescent tubes, sounds, DVD device, etc.
Edition of 3 + 2AP

The Moon's Hues are Teasing is a mixed-media sculpture installation. Extending from trousers, a pair of arms is propped on the ground, with a luminescent bone for a pet placed in front of them. Placed in the bone is a recording of a cocktail party from the 2002 Shanghai Biennale that is continuously repeated. The work is a life-based creation in which the artist constructs a preposterous truth by employing the body as image: the identity of the main part is dubious and vague while the concept of extremities is covertly replaced to make them both stand and lay. Apparently, the man-made bone is rather attractive to this pair of arms (legs?). The work can be understood as one of the first pieces in which the artist began to manifest self-consciousness as implied by flattering behavior in a secular world as well as hallucinatory reality germinating from lust, illusion and gravity. All of these elements come together to shape the main voice of the artist in his works since 2002.

This work was first shown at the Nanjing Museum’s exhibition, Daydream: Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Arts, in 2002.

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