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b. 1975, works and lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
multi-channel animation
8 minutes 12 seconds
Edition of 8

Music by JIN Feng

The distinctive aroma of art invented by TANG Maohong permeates his animation installation Orchid Finger as well as the silkscreen prints related to this piece. It is smart, humorous, peculiar and amusing. All the figures are displayed within round frames traditionally adopted in Chinese painting for themes like flowers and birds. The description of scenarios including flowers, pagodas and mushrooms has significantly deviated from still pictures in traditional sense. Talking in a straightforward language, it is a surreal world with self-humour, where human, animals and plants interacting with each other all gather together in the big carnival. The artist successfully presents a professional technique that combines tons of imagination and sensitivity obtained from everyday experience and then translates them into recognizable style characterized by exaggeration and uniqueness. What is reflected in his image world is not just the naissance of a new theme. Instead, it is imagination of a soul attached to flowing iconographic environment as well as reversal from tradition that bears too much to move.

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