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b. 1977, works and lives in Shanghai
Installation & Project | Stainless steel, 137 pigeons

Tower of Babel consists of a stainless steel tower with 18 stories and each houses pigeon cages in various numbers. Two doors are installed in each cage, one fixed and the other flexible (for opening and closing). The cages are designed in the shape of a fan, floored with steel wire netting and equipped with a sewerage system. As the tower tapers upwards, the number of cages decreases and the completeness of their form dissolves between the 15th and 18th story.

Back in 2008, the installation was displayed on the grassland outside the exhibition hall of the 7th Shanghai Biennale entitled Trans Local Motion between September and November. ZHANG Qing prepared a flock of pigeons which hatched within 30 days. After being kept for 15 days in these cages, the birds were allowed for their first flight and all came back afterwards. The cages were cleaned on daily basis, while the animals were fed twice a day. As a temporary shelter for 137 pigeons, Tower of Babel was removed after the exhibition. Through the work, which simulates a destination of the migratory species, the artist questions "the ambition of the cosmopolitan city" and hints on the cornucopia of urban desires which is doomed to perdition.

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