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b. 1957, works and lives in Shanghai
single-channel video
4 minutes 27 seconds
Edition of 5

This is a landscape style interactive video installation, I plan to make it outside of Shanghai Museum’s entrance. Use televisions to pile up into a column which is like a monument, the video is showing that there are four young people who are climbing up difficultly from bottom and until disappear from the top screen. During the climb, the climber and outside sound build an interactive relationship, when outside sound comes, the climber will have the different reaction. And according to sound’s different speed and volume, the climber will stop to climb and drop down. When sound stop, the climber continue climbing upwards.
Computer program control this work’s operate and sound interactive, television set on the red metal frame and with waterproof cover. Computer output signal to television through the VGA lines, outer sound collector input sound signal to computer, the program according to those signals to output video signal, to achieve the aim of interaction.
Equipment: a few of computers and televisions, red meal frame, outer sound collector, VGA and collecting lines, transparent waterproof covers.
The aim of this project is to praise brave games. Use digital interactive technology to explain climb and monument’s relationship into the time sprit, personal willpower and environment factor. Move upwards not only need the spirit of advance bravely, and also the power from body, patient and technique, and the judgment of the environment. The climber excite when he see the cloud-kissing object, happy when the surface is tough and vertically, never give up and always keep going on. Do we need this spirit?

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