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b. 1980, works and lives in Beijing
single-channel animation
8 minutes 8 seconds
Edition of 6 + 2AP

There is an old Chinese legend that says the First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty sent Xufu and 3,000 boys and girls on a boat towards the magic lands of the East in order to find the remedy for eternal life… It is said that the boat reached Japan in the end.

Similarly, in ancient China, people had different understandings of the world; one says that people believe the world is a big mountain, and this big mountain is carried on the back of a big tortoise whose name is “bei xu”, the last son of the Dragon, who is also very good in carrying heavy weights whilst standing over four big elephants … this is the way the world has been structured.

The world of the Magician, who is the only legal liar, states the magnificence of the world of politics; in reality this is just a mirage, like an oasis, and the entire world is upside down; everything is a romantic wasteland and in this wasteland will the brightness people has so longed ever appear? Or do we need to turn all lies upside down… how our lives should be?

Time has passed until now; I came to Japan for the art project at the Yokohama Art center.  This artwork combines three parts; I realized the first part that comprises 10 huge ink drawings in Yokohama. In Beijing I realized the second part, which consisted in the video animation the scenarios of which are taken from Japan. The third part is a site-specific drawing I completed now in Nagoya.

This work is associated with Japan, however the story comes from China.

Director: Sun Xun
Script: Sun Xun
ANIMATION: Sun Xun, Tang Bohua, Fang Anguo, Han Ling, Zhou Lei,
Li Rong, Li Tianyao, Zhang Feng
EDITOR: Xu Chong, Sun Xun
SOUND: Jin Shan

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Video Clips:

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