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b. 1966, works and lives in Beijing
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Let Panda Fly *
Zhao Bandi *
Guy Pieters Gallery
Aspex Gallery/Ikon Gallery/Manchester Art Galleries
Zhao Bandi: Lo E il Panda-The Panda and I *
Adriano Parise Editore
Zhao Bandi e o Panda— Macau2001 *
ShanghART Gallery, Shanghai
Zhao Bandi and the Panda 1999 *
ShanghART Gallery, Shanghai
Other Publications
Uncooperative Contemporaries: Art Exhibitions in Shanghai in 2000
Lauren Cornell, Tom Eccles, Charles Eshe, etc. /David Morris
Afterall Books
Hans van Dijk / Dai Hanzhi A Life with Art in China 1986-2002
Marianne Brouwer /Samuel Saelemakers
UCCA&Witte de With Publishers
Art and China After 1989: Theater of the World
Guggenheim Museum
Wemhner Collection
/Christoph Noe-Larry’s List
Larry’s List Ltd
Shanghai 21st Century Minsheng Art Museum
A History of Exhibition: Shanghai 1979-2006
/Biljana Ciric
Centre for Chinese Contemporary, U.K.
Portrait of the Times: 30 Years of Chinese Contemporary Art
/Li Xu
Power Station of Art & Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House
The Art of Modern China
James P. and Catharine A. Andrews
University of California
In-Sight: Phtographs from the Wemhöner Collection
Keber Verlag
Chinese Artists: New Media 1990-2010
Xhingyu Chen
Schiffer Publishing
Focus Asia Wemhöner Collection (German version)
Kerber Art
Focus Asia Wemhöner Collection
Kerber Art
Kunset in China-Sonderedition
The Story of "Art" in China: from Late Qing Dynasty to Present by Lu Peng
LU Peng
Peking University Press
Thirty Years of Chinese Contemporary Art 1979-2009
/HE Juxing
Minsheng Art Museum & Culture and Art Publishing House
Art·Economies Beyond Pattern Recognition
/Khim Ong
Osage Gallery
Five Years in Duolun Chinese Contemporary Art Retrospective Exhibition: Dolun 5 Years
/ZHANG Yonglin
Duolun MoMA, Shanghai
Art Economies beyond Pattern Recognition
/Khin Ong
Osage Gallery
Yermell Apart: Art xines contemporani de la col.leccio Sigg
Fundacio Joan Miro Baecelona
New China New Art
/Richard Vine
Prestel Publishing
Hypallage: The Post-Modern Mode of Chinese Contemporary Art
The OCT Art & Design Gallery
China International Gallery Exposition 2007
/Zhu Yongmei/Chen Xu
Beijing Chinese Art Exposition is Media Co.,LTD
ShanghART 10 Years
/Uta Grosenick/Sine Bepler
Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Koenig
Floating: New Generation of Art in China
/FAN Dian/LIU Chenfeng
doART Co., Korea
2 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art 2007-Special Project: We Are Your Future
/Brian DROITCOUR/Fernando Castro FLOREZ etc.
John Issacs Books & Art Star Books
Body Media: Modern Art Exhibition
Jian Feng Art Space, Fuangzhou
China Art Book
/Uta Grosenick/Caspar H. Schubbe
DuMont Buchverlag, Koeln
China Onward: The Estella Collection Chinese Contemporary Art, 1966-2006
/Frances Bowles
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Zhu Yi! Fotografía actual en China: China Contemporary Photography
ZHU Qi/Suana Iturrioz
Artium de Alava/Basque Museum-Center of Contemporary Art/Exhibition Service of the Barcelona Town Hall
New Curator Project: The Secret Behind the "Panda Consolation Group"
TS1 Contemporary Art Center, Beijing
Entry gate: Chinese aesthetics of heterogeneity, 2006 MoCA envisage
Sunhee KIM/Victoria LU/YE Yongqing /Shanghai MOCA
Shanghai Fine Artes Publishers
Breakout: Chinese Art Outside China
Melissa Chiu
They discovered that the camera is better than the paintbrush
Longrun Art Gallery, Beijing
China Avant-Garde Art 1979-2004
LU Hong
Hebei Fine Arts Publisher, Shijiazhuang
The Portraits of 100 Most Influential Artists in Contemporary Chinese Art
GAO Minglu
Hubei Fine Arts Publishing, Wuhan
The Records of 798 Art Space
QIU Zhijie/SHU Kewen /HUANG Wenya/LI Jiuju
Culture and Art Publishing House, Beijing
Zooming into Focus: Chinese Contemporary Photography & Video from the Haudenschild Collection
/SHI Yong/Laura ZHOU
The Wall: Reshaping Contemporary Chinese Art
/Douglas DREISHPOON/Gao Minglu
Albright-Knox Art Gallery, New York, U.S.A.
Zooming into Focus: Contemporary Chinese Photography and Video from the Haudenschild Collection
/Tina Yapelli
University Art Gallery at San Diego State University
Out of The Red:The New Emerging Generation of Chinese Photographers
/Andrea Albertini/Primo Marella
Damiani Editore
Chinese Avant-Garde Photography since 1990
GU Zheng
Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House, Changsha
After Origin: Topic on Contemporary Chinese Art in New Age
Chienhui KAO
Artist Publishing, Taiwan
Dreaming of the Dragon's Nation: Contemporary Art Exhibition from China
/LI Xiangyang
Shanghai Art Museum/Irish Museum of Modern Art
Photo Pictorial (No. 464)
Photo Pictorial Publishers
European Photography 76
Andreas Muller-Pohle, Berlin
Contemporary Art—Daily Represent
JIN Feng
Guangxi Meishu Chubanshe,Nanning
Chine, le corps partout (China, the body everywhere?)
/Henry Perier
Indigene Editions, Montpellier, France
Between Past and Future: New Photography and Video from China
Christopher PHILLIPS/WU Hung /Stephanie Smith
The Smart Museum of Art at University of Chicago,Chicago, U.S.A./The International Center of Photography (New York - USA); Steidl Publishers,Gottingen, Germany
Zooming into Focus: Contemporary Chinese Photography and Video from the Haudenschild Collection
/ShanghART Project
ShanghART Gallery
Melbourne Connection Asia - Urbanart2003
/Claire HSU/Maggie McCORMICK/XU Wenjie
Urbanart, Melbourne, Australia
Promenade edifiante et curieuse au pavillon des images
Centre Photographique d'Ile-de, France
Monthly Art Magazine Bijutsu Techo (2003.8)
Bijutsu Shuppan Sha
History of Painting in China 1950-2000
LI Chutsing/WAN Qingli
Rock Publishing
Modernites Chinoises
Christine Buci-Glucksmann /Jean-Mac Decrop
Zooming Into Focus: Contemporary Chinese Photography and Video- From the Haudenschild Collection
/Tina Yapelli
University Art Gallery, SDSU
A Strange Heaven: Contemporary Chinese Photography
/Susan Acret
Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong
Un Bestiaire Fabuleux
Daelim Contemporary Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
/Holger Steinemann/Ursula Diehr
Hatje Cantz Verlag, Germany
Series of Critiques on Chinese Contemporary Art: Give Me a Mask
Qiu Zhijie
Chinese People University Press
The First Guangzhou Triennial - Reinterpretation: A Decade of Experimental Chinese Art 1990-2000 (Chinese version)
Chris BERRY/Britta ERICKSON/Yi Ying/PI Li etc. /Wu Hung
Macao Publishing House, Macao
On the Edge of the Millennium: New Art from China
Goedhuis Contemporary
Johnson Tsongzung Chang etc. /Susan Acret/Claire Hsu etc.
Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong/Chinese Century, France
Portraits, Figures, Couples, Groups
/Hans VAN DIJK/Eduardo WELSH
Modern Chinese Art Foundation, Ghent, Belgium
Too Much Flavour: An Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art
/GU Zhenqing
New Art Media Ltd., Hong Kong
Criticism by Chinese Critic
Hunan Arts Publishing House
The State of Chinese Avant-Grade Art: A Compilation of Interviews on Chinese Avant-Garde Art
Gao Brothers
Dream 02: Contemporary Chinese Art
/Monica DEMATTE/Edward LUCIE-SMITH etc.
The Red Mansion Foundation,U.K.
Selected Ikon Off-site Projects 2002-2004: from Audeoud to Zhao Bandi
/Helen Legg/Jonathan Watkins
Ikon Gallery
The First Triennial of Chinese Arts I
/Zuo Qing
Hubei Fine Art Publishing House
Contemporary Art Series: Image and Post-Modernism
Qiu Zhijie/Wu Meichun /Lin Wang
Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House
Hot Pot
Erling Borgen/Rchard pale/Gu Zhenqing/Huang Yihan /Inghild Karlsen/Per Gunnar Tverbakk etc.
Kunstnernes Hus, Norway
Lo Spazio E La Pelle: Yang Shaobin, Zeng Hao, Zhao Bandi
/Chiara Fiorani
Nicolodi, Milan
Art in Italy
/Adriano Parise
Adriano Parise Editore S.r.l.
Cross Pressures: Contemporary Photography and Video Art from Beijing
/LI Xianting/Ullamaria PALLASMAA/Taru SALMENKARI
The Oulu City Art Museum/The Finnish Museum of Photography,Finland
Dream 2001: Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition
/Saint Design
The Red Mansion, London, U.K.
Chinese Art at the End of the Millennium
/John Clark
New Art Media Limited, Hong Kong
Shanghai Biennale 2000
/HOU Hanru/Toshio SHIMIZU/ZHANG Qing
Shanghai Fine Arts Publishers
It's Me!
The Publishing House of the China Literary Federation
2000 China . Internet Video and Photo Art
Exhibiting Experimental Art in China
WU Hung
The David&Alfred Smart Museum of Art, The University of Chicago
Post-Material: Interpretations of Everyday Life by Contemporary Chinese Artists
World Chinese Arts Publication
PS (No.12)
Kaiyin CHAN/Yankei SO/Tiny West etc.
Para/Site Art Space , Hong Kong
/Hanlim Museum
Hanlim Museum
La Photographie Traversee
Actes Sud
90's Art China
LV Peng
Hunan Fine Art Publishing House
ZOO Issue 4
/Will Gompertz
Modren Chinese Art Foundation
John Clark/Hans Van Dijk
Province Oost-Vlaanderen
The Second yearlong Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition
Les Inrockuptibles No. 202 (Supplement: Venice Biennale)
Les Editions Independantes
Contemporary Chinese Art Criticism Series: A Study on 'New Generation Art' in China
/ZHANG Xiaoling
Jilin Fine Arts Publishing House
Love: Chinese Contemporary Photography & Video/International Arts Festival, Tachikawa 99
Organizing Committee of International Arts Festival, Tachikawa 99, Japan
La Biennale di Venezia. 48a. Esposizione Internazionale D'Arte
/Paolo Baratta/Massimo Cacciari/Harald Szeemann
La Biennale di Venezia, Italy
Art for Sale
/Alexander Brandt / Xu Zhen/Yang Zhenzhong
Approaching Lands
/YANG Qing
Contemporary Chinese Art Criticism Series: A Study on 'Political Pop' in Chinese Contemporary Art
SUN Jin /ZHANG Xiaoling
Jilin Fine Arts Publishing House
Contemporary Chinese Art Criticism Series: A Study on 'New Figurative Art'
HANG Jian /ZHANG Xiaoling
Jilin Fine Arts Publishing House
A New Chinese Art Exhibition
/CHEN Lei/Julian SCARFF/ZHANG Zhaohui
China New-Art:Records of 23 Avant-garde Artists' Works
/ZHANG Nianchao
Chinese Esperanto Publishing House
/SHU Kewen/ZHANG Zhaohui
It's Me! A Profile of Chinese Contemporary Art in the 90s
Every Day: 11th Biennale of Sydney
Jonathan Watkins /Jo Spark
the Biennale of Sydney Ltd.
Dream of China: '97 Chinese Contemporary Art
China Today Press
China: Aktuelles Aus 15 Ateliers
Hahn Brodukin
Herausgeber Hahn Produktion, Germany
Reality: Present and Future
Art Gallery of Beijing International Art Palace
Asian Art News (Vol. 5, No. 1)
Zakaria Bin ALI/Michael DESMOND/Susan DEWAR
Asian Art News,Hong Kong
Orientations (Vol. 26, No. 5)
/Susan DEWAR
Orientations Magazine,Hong Kong
Art and Asia Pacific 1995.1 - Indian Art
/Deepak ANANTH/Yashodhara DALMIA/Susan DEWAR
Fine Arts Press, Sydney
Contemporary Chinese Oil Paintings
University Museum and Art Gallery - University of Hong Kong
History of Chinese Oil Painting: From Realism to Post-Modernism
James CAHILL etc.
Schoeni Art Gallery, Hong Kong
Ming Pao Monthly 347
GUO Tong/LI Xianting/LU Jie/ZHAO Li
Ming Pao Monthly
China Avent-Garde: Counter-Currents in Art and Culture
/Jochen Noth/Wolfger Pohlmann/Kai Reschke
Oxford University Press, Hong Kong
Red Star Over China: Tenuous Peace
Keen Gallery,New York
Chinese Contemporary Art Document 1990-1991
/LI Luming
Hunan Fine Art Publishing House


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