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b. 1942, works and lives in Shanghai and New York
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On the Explanation of “BioArt”, Li Shan, 2017
The Third Dark Cloud, Gong Yan, 2017
Reading Li Shan and Sensing Life, Gao Ling, 2017
BioArt as a Cognitive Way, Li Shan, 2017
Bio-Art and Epigenetic, Li Shan, 2016
An Introduction to Bio-Drawing, Li Shan, 2016
Project Statement of “The Chimera of Dragonfly and Li Shan”, Li Shan, 2015
A Fascination with New Organisms, Zhang Pingjie, 2012
The Empiricism of Li Shan's Bio-Art and its Origins in Mysticism, Gao Minglu, 2012
The Road of Bio-Art, Zhang Pingjie, 2012
Reading Li Shan , YANG Shin-yi, 2009
A Dialogue on Bio-Art, Zhang Pingjie, 2007
On the 'Chineseness' of Chinese Contemporary Art, Paul Gladston, 2006
Tale of Life - About Reading Series by Li Shan, Zhang Pingjie, 2005
In Chinese New Art, Post-1989, 1993, Li Shan, 2004
On "Reading", Li Shan, 2004
Shanghai Star, 2002
The Story of Fish and Butterfly - Regarding the Work Reading, Li Shan, 2000
Interview with Li Shan, 2009
Interview with Li Shan, Davide Quadrio/BizART, 2007
Conversation Between Li Shan, Zhang Huang and Wu Liang, 2004
About "Echo of Sumer", Li Bing, 2023
About "Echo of Sumer", Li Shan, 2021
On "Reading" (Ten pieces), 2009
On "Rouge Series", 2009
On "Reading Series", 2009
Press Release: Li Shan, Echo of Sumer | Art Basel 2023, 2023


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