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b. 1966, works and lives in Shanghai
Sound Installation, played in loop
551 minutes 38 seconds
Edition of 5

The audio installation Airport introduces audience into a virtual waiting room via simulation of its broadcast service. Produced back in 1996, the piece plays contents repeatedly such as "dear passengers, please get ready for your flight." and "we are sorry to inform you of the delay due to some reasons." Shanghai, here in this fictional airport, is designed as departure city of all flights, whereas their destinations include Kassel, Zurich, Hong Kong, London and Venice and so forth, cities known for their modernisation and openness and most importantly, for their reputation and leading status in organisation of art exhibitions on international level. It is a fabricated airport, which sees artists being moved from Shanghai onto global stage. By dividing it into two phases that are "ready to get on board" and "cannot even take off", nevertheless, the artist sharply mocks certain phenomena prompted by exhibition system of contemporary art.

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